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  • What is the variable endmill?

    Unlike even shape, variable endmill is designed to reduce vibration during machining by arranging the edge unequally.
    Variable endmill is divided into irregular lead angle and irregular helix angle Variable angle means the lower cutting edge of endmill and angle between edges are arranged differently.
    Irregular helix angle means the helix angle of the external cutting edge is arranged differently compared to the next helix angle.
    The KORLOY’s products that applied variable are Z Endmill and V Endmill.

  • Does KORLOY provide a PCD endmill?

    PDE1000/PDE2000 of KORLOY PCD endmill can be supplied as a custom made special.

  • What is the difference between Flat, Ball and Radius?

    They are classified by the external shape of Endmill For Flat endmill, the flat surface will be formed by the edge of a rectangular shape.
    For Ball endmill, R-shaped machining on the bottom surface will be formed by the edge of R shape.
    For Radius endmill, as a type applied R shape to the tip of the external edge, R shaped will be formed between the sides of the bottom and the wall.

  • What is the recommended endmill for hardened material?

    H Star Endmill and H Endmill are suitable for hardened material under HRC70

  • What is the recommended endmill for machining Ni based heat resistant super alloy (Inconel, Hastelloy, Waspaloy)?

    We recommend Super Endmill used for machining aerospace engine and parts of turbine

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