KORLOY strives to become the most competitive company
in the world to share happiness with people in the world.
KORLOY puts our customer first and tries to deliver greater values for them.
KORLOY has provided advanced carbide cutting tools since its foundation in 1966. Now it is leading the cutting tool industry with constant research and development, and daring innovations.

We are proud to be the only Korean company equipped with the whole production lines for uncoated carbide/cermet/coated inserts, endmills, drills, tool holders and all the others.

Our products are manufactured through the best process due to the ever-growing R&D and planning departments along with our innovative production technology while they are not only well known in Korea but exported to over 80 countries. KORLOY will take the lead in developing new products with creative thinking and superior technologies, delivering the highest quality products and services to maximize customer values. Thank you for all of your support and interest and we look forward to your continued partnership with us. All employees at KORLOY will do their best to repay such encouragement.
The President of KORLOY
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