Our precise and durable carbide cutting tools are just
what you’ve wanted for an innovative tooling solution.
Triple Mill
• High depth of cut milling tool with 3 corners for perpendicularity

• Economical milling tool with 3 corners with positive cutting edge for high depth of cut machining
• Stable machinability in high feed machining due to enhanced chip evacuation and thicker insert
• High precision machining from less cutting load due to high helix and sharp cutting edge

Triple Mill


Workpieces made of casting used for automobile components and large metal molds machining have uneven surface which causes chattering.
Also in casting machining, tools for high depth of cut machining is needed due to its irregular depth of machining. However, it is hard to use the existing tool in high depth of cut machining because of high cutting load. In this cutting condition with interruption, impact and chattering actualize worse surface finish and fracture of tool due to lower machinability rigidity of tool.


KORLOY's newly launched Triple Mill creates the solutions for those troubles and realizing high depth of cut machining.


Triple Mill has applied a cutting edge with high depth of cut (Max. 15.5 mm) in single cutting with 3 corners allowing it to meet the most competitive price. In addition, the independent high rake chip breaker and high helix cutting edge reduces the cutting resistance and controls chattering in high depth of cut machining effectively. Its precise cutting edge with right angle ensures milling with high quality.


Specialized Triple Mill in high depth of cut machining and its optimized grade applied with each different cutting condition actualize excellent performance and increase customer’s productivity.


• Economical tool
- High depth of cut cutting edge with 3 corners (Max. 15.5 mm)

• Enhanced machinability
- Lowered cutting load by applying high helix cutting edge and sharp chip break
- Excellent chip control due to high rake chip breaker

• High quality surface finish
- Excellent perpendicularity and surface finish from high precision cutting edge

• Stable machining
- Stable clamping structure with wide clamping side
- Thicker insert

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