Our precise and durable carbide cutting tools are just
what you’ve wanted for an innovative tooling solution.
• Insert for hard-to-cut stainless steel milling

• Stable machinability due to PVD oxide film for preventing wear and heating of inserts caused by high temperature in machining

• Optimal PVD grade for medium to rough cutting and highly interrupted milling in stainless steel
• Longer tool life due to higher breakage resistance applying high toughness substrate controlling crack growth
• Excellent and new PVD oxide film with oxidation and heat resistance overcoming the limit of hard-to-cut materials machining
• Stable machinability by preventing welding and chipping due to applying special coating surface treatment



Stainless steel is a kind of metal material widely used in industries such as food, medical appliances, automobile parts, and construction materials. It is widely used because of it resistance to corrosion and its strength and luster.
Lately, the demand of high strength and heat resistance stainless steel for turbo charger turbine housings has risen significantly.


High strength and heat resistance stainless steel is grouped into hard-to-cut stainless steel which more often provides high temperature occurring wear on inserts, fractures and chipping on tools due to heat and welding making high shear resistance than general stainless steel.
The existing grades of M25 to M35 grade reaches the limitation of improving tool life and cycle time in highly unstable and interrupted machining with hard-to-cut stainless steel.


Moreover, KORLOY recommends a new rising grade, PC9540 for improving productivity in hard-to-cut stainless steel milling.
The PC9540 which is an exclusive grade for M40 grade stainless steel maximizes chipping and fracture resistance in medium to rough cutting and interrupted milling due to its high toughness substrate. It also allows stable machinability in high strength and heat resistance stainless steel by applying the new rising PVD oxide film with oxidation and heat resistance.


Therefore, the average tool life of the PC9540 is 50% longer in hard-to-cut stainless steel machining than the existing grade and it provides high productivity in general stainless steel machining.


The 9540 is the latest grade providing solutions to improve productivity and achieve stable stainless steel machining.


ㆍLong tool life
- Increased resistance to breakage due to high toughness in the substrate
- Long tool life in medium to rough cutting and highly interrupted machining

ㆍStable machining
- Increased oxidation and welding resistance with PVD oxide film
- Preventing built-up edge, notch chipping and unexpected breakage

ㆍGenerally usable for stainless steel machining
- General stainless steel: ferritic, martensitic, and austenitic stainless steels
- High strength and heat resisting stainless steel: duplex, precipitation hardening, and heat resistance stainless steels

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