Our precise and durable carbide cutting tools are just
what you’ve wanted for an innovative tooling solution.
• Mach Solid Drill Plus for machining CFRP

• KORLOY’s new diamond coated grade ND2100 offers excellent wear resistance
• The high rake cutting edges reduces burrs when machining CFRP

• Fewer burrs

• Longer tool life thanks to improved wear resistance

• Improved wear ressitance and surface finish by applying high hardness diamond coating of low friction factors

• Inhibited burr creation by keeping cutting edges in good shape



The increased use of CFRP for weight reduction in the automobile and aerospace industries requires the development of applicable grades and tool design for machining this material.


Specifically, CFRP materials create burrs around the drills holes entrance and discharge point; while also causing rapid wear of the drills used.


MSD Plus CFRP can reduce the amount of burrs generated during hole making due to its twostepped point shape. The new diamond-coated grade ND2100, improves wear resistance and durability. These facets improve machined workpiece quality.


We can proudly say MSD Plus CFRP is the ideal tool for high efficiency and high quality hole making of CFRP workpieces.


ㆍDiamond-coated grade, ND2100
- Increases tool life

ㆍHigh rake cutting edges
- Reduces burr creation

ㆍOptimized desgin for CFRP hole making
- Improves machinability

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