Our precise and durable carbide cutting tools are just
what you’ve wanted for an innovative tooling solution.
ND3000 · ND2100
• Diamond coating grade for Non-ferrous steel

• Good wear resistance with high quality diamond coating technology
• The optimal new grade for Graphite and Ceramic

ND3000 · ND2100


The diamond is a carbon crystal consisting with only pure carbon. Each carbon atom combining
with 4 different atoms has a tetrahedron structure. This combining structure has higher hardness
than the other substances. The diamond has relatively low thermal expansion coefficient and friction
coefficient. In addition, it is stable in acid and alkaline materials and it is suitable for machining of
Non-ferrous materials.


ND3000 and ND2100 are diamond coating grades developed by coating system for mass
production. KORLOY provides differentiated qualified diamond coated tool by controlling crystallinity,
orientation and structure.



• Good wear resistance and lubrication
- Applying micro and multi coating technology

• Stable tool life
- High adherence between diamond coating and the exclusive substrate

• Excellent performance in Graphite and Ceramic machining
- ND3000

• Perfect performance in CFRP machining
- ND2100

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