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KORLOY signed up as the 'Corporate Philanthropy Leader' of Community Chest of Korea


KORLOY has signed up as the 70th member of the Corporate Philanthropy Leader', a representative group of large-scale corporate donors in Korea that is held by the Seoul Social Welfare Community Chest of Korea (Community Chest of Korea) on March 20th, at KORLOY's headquarters in Seocho-gu.

‘Corporate Philanthropy Leader’ is Korea's representative organization of large corporate donors that leads the sharing culture in Korea and presents a desirable role model for corporate social contribution.

KORLOY has carried out continuous social contribution activities focusing on the Cheongju and Jincheon regions along with Seoul, where its headquarters is located. KORLOY has donated about 130 million won in social contribution funds from 2011, through the Seoul Community Chest of Korea, and became a member of the Corporate Philanthropy Leader.

In addition, under the management philosophy of ‘Pursuing the happiness of customers and employees as the top priority,’ KORLOY is committed to the growth of the company while taking the lead in social contribution activities. 
Executives and employees have also donated approximately 100 million won by participating in workplace donation campagin 'Good Workplace' conducted by Seoul Community Chest of Korea.
In June 2023, the KORLOY executives, Chairperson Hye-Sub Yun, President Jung-Hyun Yim, and Dine President Soo-min Yim have practiced their sharing by signing up as the family honor member of the 'Honor Society' which is a group of individual major donors who donated more than 100 million won to the Community Chest of Korea.

Chairperson Hye-Sub Yun said, “Since its founding in 1966, KORLOY has adopted happiness management for the happiness of customers and employees as its management philosophy in order to grow together with the local community. We will continue to pursue corporate social contribution activities so that we can coexist with the local community and fulfill our corporate roles and responsibilities”

President Jung-Hyun Yim said, “I am thrilled to join the Corporate Philanthropy Leader, Korea’s leading corporate donor group,” and added, “We will continue to engage in more active social contribution by customer satisfaction, employee happiness, and thorough preparation for the future.”

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