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MFG Magazine, October Issue, 'PC3035' inserts for steel grooving and parting.


Inserts for steel grooving and parting, ' PC3035  ' was mentioned in Korea's top manufacturing technology magazine MFG issued in October.

In grooving and parting, tools are easily fractured and get wear from chattering due to narrow and long insert in high speed cutting. In addition, spindle, shaft and bearing parts demanding grooving and parting generally applied heat treatment have characteristics that surface is hard and substrate is soft. This feature occurs unstable tool life due to repeated chipping, welding and eliminating.

KORLOY newly launches the exclusive grade PC3035 which shows higher productivity in steel grooving and parting.

PC3035 is exclusive steel grooving and parting with high toughness substrate application maximized chipping resistance and fracture resistance to deal with frequent interruption while its application. It also adopted high hardness PVD coating with a lubricative surface treatment so it realized stable machinability with its enhanced welding resistance and chipping resistance even for the bearing steel machining.

PC3035 is the next generation grade solution from KORLOY well known for its fine technology in steel grooving and parting and it provides high productivity and stable cutting quality.


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