Our precise and durable carbide cutting tools are just
what you’ve wanted for an innovative tooling solution.
NC6310 · NC6315
• Turning solutions for cast iron

• CVD coating with improved wear resistance and chipping resistance.

• Solutions for the most common issues in cast iron machining
- Preventing excessive wear on rake and flank surfaces of insert, chipping and burr

NC6310 / NC6315


Cast iron is sorted into ductile cast iron and gray cast iron and commonly used in automobile and machinery components which require high heat resistance, corrosion resistance, and wear resistance. Cast iron embraces spheroidal carbide containing silicon (Si) and magnesium (Mg) so built-up edge and chipping can easily occur while machining. In contrast, gray cast iron includes acicular carbide so it produces better machining than ductile cast iron.
However, cast iron workpiece is easily affected by manufacturing and external environment after casting process so its property is prone to be unstable.


Tool life of the existing CVD grades for cast iron turning is unstable due to the precarious property of workpieces causing rapid wear and chipping on the cutting edge. The unstable tool life is one of the worst obstacles of customer’s high productivity so KORLOY focused on developing the technology of the CVD coating and chip breaker shape for stable and long tool life and thus finally launched grades, NC6310 and NC6315 and chip breakers for customer’s satisfaction.


NC6310 is a K10 turning grade for high speed with continuous or light interrupted condition which enhances the wear resistance and stable tool life.
NC6315 is a K15 grade for general machining of gray cast iron and ductile cast iron and provides stable tool life in various kinds of machining such as high feed, heavy interrupted, or continuous cutting. 
Chip breaker, MK (negative, for medium cutting) reduces cutting load and enhances surface finish. It is suitable for general machining. Chip breaker, RK (negative, for roughing) provides stable tool life even in heavy interrupted machining due to its strong rigidity of the cutting edge.


Both of MK and RK provide stable tool life even under any extreme cutting conditions due to unstable clamping of inserts and holders.


ㆍMinimized quality deviation of insert
- Stable tool life

ㆍOptimized cutting edge
- Improved surface finish

ㆍSuperb combination of grades and chip breakers
- Extended tool life and enhanced cutting performance

ㆍWide applications to various cast iron workpieces
- Specialized line-up of grades for continuous, high speed, heavy interrupted and high feed machining

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