Our precise and durable carbide cutting tools are just
what you’ve wanted for an innovative tooling solution.
• Optimized grade specialized for Milling applications of steel

• Maximized productivity with high feed and high speed machining
- Enable to apply high feed, high speed, and high depth of cut machining with implementation of high toughness substrate and high hardness-lubricative PVD coating

• Superior Tool Life
- Stable and longer tool life is ensured with fine chipping resistance of substrate design



In general, flank wear and crater wear are caused for steel milling due to frictional heat between workpiece and tool. While applying high depth of cuts or high feed for Pre-hardened steel, chipping and breakage are generally happening. It is also common that plastic deformation of tool for continuous machining at high speed due to heat evacuation, and Thermal crack of a tool at high speed interrupted or wet condition which boosts repeated contract and expand of a tool to lower its tool life. In case of machining a workpiece with deposition feature or milling at low speed, built up edge would easily be caused to a tool, and it would lead to flake or chipping of a tool to lower its tool life. When it comes to the milling applications of steel, it is hard to expect the life of inserts as it comes to consider various machining factors including various types of workpiece, high speed, depth of cut and high feed. Therefore, a grade specialized for milling of steel should provide stable tool life under various cutting conditions and different workpiece types.


KORLOY’s newly launched PC3700, a unique milling grade specialized for steel, provides advanced performance and satisfactory efficiency. In comparison with current PC3500 and PC3600 grades, wear and breakage resistance of PC3700 has been significantly improved so it ensures extended tool life as well as high productivity and stability.


The PC3700 features hard and lubricative coating layer with a smooth surface so that chips can be evacuated easily at high speeds, and flank and crater wear will be significantly reduced. It also has minimized build-up edge issues to prevent chipping and improve surface finish. As a highly tough substrate specialized for steel cutting has been implemented, PC3700 inhibits thermal cracking in the interrupted or wet machining process. Furthermore, it provides outstanding chipping and breakage resistance under heavy cutting loads including high depth of cuts and high feeds or pre-hardened steel machining.


PC3700 provides great machining efficiency and production stability due to its stable tool life for every milling process from high-speed, high-feed and deep machining to continuous or interrupted machining of various steel workpieces.


ㆍLonger tool life and high chip removal rate
-  High cutting conditions and shorter cutting time available

ㆍ Stable tool life
- Higher production stability

ㆍUniversal use for steel milling
- A wide selection of workpiece materials and applications

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