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KORLOY's 14 double sided corner heptagonal face mill 'RM14' introduced in November issue of MFG magazine


KORLOY's 14 double sided corner heptagonal face mill 'RM14' has been introduced on the November issue of MFG magazine, Korea's leading manufacturing industry magazine.

RM14 designed with the maximum lead angle, 51° of heptagonal shape reduces cutting load and chattering comparing to the conventional face mill with lead angle 45°. Its strong wedge type clamping system ensures stable tool life even in poor cutting conditions.

In addition, there are two types of RM14 inserts which are neutral (flat cutting edge) and right-handed (helix cutting edge) and it is possible for both of them to clamp to a single holder. The RM14 insert with sharp and thick cutting edge ensures good performance and stability and the combination of optimal grade realizes long tool life.

RM14 is an economic tool using maximum 14 corners and ensures stable machining and high productivity. RM14 is expected to enhance customers' productivity.

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