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MFG Magazine, March Issue, PC3700, Optimal Steel Milling Grade


The PC3700 was mentioned in Korea's top manufacturing technology magazine MFG issued in March.
The PC3700 has a smooth surface with high hardness and a lubricative coating layer, which allows for easier chip evacuation and prevents wearing down of the crater and flank. It also minimizes built-up edges, which prevents chipping, and improves the suface finish of a workpiece.

PC3700 has a highly tough substrate optimal for steel cutting, which not only inhibits thermal cracking in interrupted or wet cutting, but also having outstanding resistance against chipping and breakage under heavy cutting loads including high depth of cuts and high feeds or pre-hardened steel machining.


PC3700 provides great machining efficiency and production stability due to stable tool life for every milling machining from high-speed, high-depth and high feed to continous or interrupted machining in various steel workpieces.


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