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MFG Magazine, May Issue,'Saw Man-X(N_Lead angle type)' Insert for pipe and round bar parting off



Using lead angle applied inserts in pipe and round bar parting off is effective for minimizing and controlling Burr and PIP. However, due to the hardship of chip control by its unbalancing shape, the lead angle application could also occur the tangled chips and scratches on the workpieces.


KORLOY newly launched lead angle type, N chip breaker to solve those troubles in cutting.


The Saw Man-X N chip breaker minimizes Burr and PIP and controls their direction by applying lead angle. In addition, the optimal rake angle on major cutting edge controls unusual and long chips from imbalance of cutting edge.


Also, the strong 3 directional V-Rail clamping system of Saw Man-X provides excellent quality and stable clamping in high speed and high feed pipe and round bar parting off.


You can read this article through the link below.

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