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MFG Magazine, March Issue, TPDC-XP with small diameter line-up of TPDC Plus Drill


Small diameter line-up of TPDC Plus Drill, TPDC-XP was mentioned in Korea's top manufacturing technology magazine MFG issued in March.

TPDC-XP realizes high speed and high feed machining due to solid and stable clamping with exclusive One step clamp structure. The exclusive One step clamp structure increases tool life and it can be easily clamped using a new wrench. Also excellent machining quality is continuously secured through insert replacement instead of re-grinding.

TPDC-XP inserts increase machining stability and quality by applying optimized cutting edge shape. Also new grade PC325U has excellent welding resistance and increases tool life by higher wear resistance and chipping resistance.

You can read this article through the link below.

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