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• Universal insert for Steel and Cast iron cutting

• Increased chipping resistance and stable tool life in Steel and Cast iron cutting
• Applying universal substrate with high adhesion and coating layer with good wear resistance and chipping resistance



In recent cutting industries, the demand on high speed machining for productivity improvement is steadily increasing because there are various shapes in workpieces and cutting time is reducing due to less machining allowance from the heat/cold forging technology development. Therefore, universal grade with wear resistance and chipping resistance is necessary for cutting various workpiece in high speed.


KORLOY launches CVD universal grade for Steel and Cast iron cutting for higher productivity according to those changes in market.


NC5320, with the New CVD coating technology application, provides higher productivity by ensuring stable machinability in high temperature due to high cutting speed and providing good surface finish.
In addition, applying the exclusive substrate and post treatment ensure versatility with good wear resistance and chipping resistance.


NC5320 enhanced the wear resistance from the conventional grade in Steel and Cast iron Turning and it provides higher productivity and stable machining quality as a KORLOY's next generation grade in high cutting speed.



• Long tool life in high cutting speed
- Exclusive substrate with great wear resistance and New CVD coating

•  Increased chipping resistance
- New CVD coating with improved adhesion
- Exclusive post treatment application

• Grade for general use
- Long tool life in Steel and Cast iron cutting

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