Nos outils de coupe au carbure de haute précision et
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• CVD insert series for Steel Turning

• CVD insert series for Steel Turning
• New CVD coating increasing productivity and stable tool life



In the recent days, grades ensuring high precision, high quality, high productivity and stable tool life are necessary for increasing cutting quality in automobile and parts industries.


KORLOY launched CVD grade insert for Steel Turning providing stable cutting quality and high productivity with less wear, chipping and fracture in Steel Turning.


NC3205 increased productivity due to New CVD coating technology for high speed Turning, saves changing tool time and minimizes tool life deviation.


NC3235 realized high productivity and stable tool life from New CVD coating technology with stability and high lubrication in heavy interrupted cutting and cutting with frequent tool fracture.


KORLOY's Steel Turning line-up is completed with a launch of NC3205 and NC3225 which are added to NC3215 and NC3225 for general Steel Turning. It provides perfect solutions to meet various demand from customers.



• Optimal grade for high productivity on Steel cutting
- New CVD coating with good heat resistance and wear resistance

• Stable tool life due to increasing tool life
- Enhanced lubrication and chipping resistance

•  Optimal for Steel continuous and interrupted cutting
- Exclusive substrate application per each grade

•  Optimized line-up in high quality cutting condition
- NC3205, NC3215, NC3225, NC3235


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