Section A.
Grades/Chip breaker
Grades A02~A05
Chip breaker A06~A10
Section B.Turning
Turning Grades B02~B09
Turning C/B Guide B10~B17
Inserts B18~B61
External tool Holder Code system(ISO) B62~B91
Boring Bar Code system(ISO) B92~B108
Cartridge code system B109~B114
Auto Tools B115~B121
Carbide Shank Boring Bar B122~B128
Section C. Application
Application Example C02~C03
MGT series C04~C15
Saw-man C16~C22
Technical Information for MGT Series C23~C29
NEW Fine Tool C30~C32
Section D. Thread
Technical Information for Threading D02~D08
Thread Insert D09~D21
Thread Holder D22~D24
Section E. Milling
Milling Grades E02~E08
Inserts E08~E32
Mill-max E33~E65
Technical Information for Alpha-mill E66~E123
Technical Information for Pro-X Mill E124~E133
Thread Milling Insert Code System E135~E150
Technical Information for High feed Cutter E151~E161
Technical Information for Side Milling Cutter E162~E171
Actual Designations of Milling Cutter and Arbor E171~E174
Section F. Endmills
Endmills Index F02~F09
H-Max F10~F24
Brazed Endmills F25~F26
Special Endmills Order Form F27
Section G. Drills
Drills Index G02
Technical Information for Indexable Drills G03~G19
Technical Information for Mach Drills G20~G31
BTA Drills G32
Section H.
Brazed Tools
Technical Information for Brazed Tools H02~H12
Section I. Parts
Section J.
Tooling System
Section K.
General Information
Section L.
Tooling Examples